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My initial interest in law was ignited by reading the case of Donoghue v Stevenson. Not only was this case the foundation for the law of negligence but it is also an example of the adaptability of common law. This inspired my fascination with the English legal system thus leading to my ambition to study law.

I'm particularly interested in the Land law module within the course. Land law is a set of rules that govern the land and anything attached to it, such as trees or buildings. I think this is an important area because at some point in everyone's life they will have to deal with some element of Land law, whether this is buying a house or cutting down a neighbor's overhanging tree. This makes Land law an interesting and stimulating area that I am eager to explore further.

I consider myself to be a diligent, responsible and enthusiastic student who will strive to achieve the best set of results possible and succeed in my chosen career field, in this case law. My responsibility is evidenced in my commitment to school and the positions I have held including i) year 7 mentor: which involved helping young students settle into secondary school life ii) liturgical representative: which involved preparing PowerPoint presentations and organising meetings. These positions of responsibility have helped in developing my communication and leadership skills. Further, I’ve held part time paid jobs with Primark and McDonalds and this has helped me develop other useful life skills such as problem-solving, dealing with difficult customers, organisation and time management skills etc.

I have also visited my local magistrates' court to gain insight into what a career in law is like and I was able to watch court cases including witnessing a defendant enter a plea, presentation of evidence and sentencing. I found this experience fascinating and it secured my ambition to study law. I did my real-life-work experience (in July 2019 for 1 week) at PASH Global in their PR department. This further developed my communication skills as interacting with people was essential whilst completing the work experience. I also attended a law taster day and found the experience enriching and it further strengthened my conviction that law was the right course for me.

Studying A level Maths, History and Biology has helped me to gain a new perspective on how to develop progressive logical reasoning which is an essential skill in law and vital when it comes to constructing timelines and presenting arguments and facts in a persuasive manner. Further, studying History at GCSE and A-level has greatly improved my analytical skills, allowing me to have a greater capacity for solving problems and thinking critically. Consequently I have also developed the ability to persuasively structure an argument and communicate findings clearly both orally and in writing. I’m convinced these skills make me an ideal candidate for Law school.

By achieving my law degree I'll be able to undertake the Solicitors Qualifying Exam and qualify as a solicitor. Solicitors represent and defend clients' legal interests, and give advice in situations and I strongly believe this will be an intellectually stimulating career path that will allow me to keep learning and develop my skills continuously.

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