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My application diary

I am keeping a record of my passage to university on these pages here. I have tried to list every important event with what I did and why I did it. These pages are generally a personal description of going to university but will contain helpful information and advice if you are going doing something similar.

Status report: last updated 05/10/2003

Now I am at Essex the application diary is complete. I have added a few entries to the end, and will try and finish writing the section in the middle, but the application diary is pretty much complete.

I am also recording my time at Essex in the Essex university diary, which continues the day after the application diary finishes.

The diary

What I already knew
Decide I want to go to university
Decide what I want to study
Look at some university websites and prospectuses
Go to university open days
The decision to apply to Oxford
My first look at the UCAS form
Choosing my course
Writing my personal statement
Choosing the final six universities
Filling in the Oxford application form
Fill in most details on UCAS form
Hand in UCAS form
Get UCAS form confirmation card
Get UCAS acknowledgement letter
Get a letter from Oxford
Get an interview letter from UCL
Send off work to Oxford
Get an offer from Bristol
Get an offer from Birmingham
Get Pembroke interview confirmation letter
Get economics at Oxbridge booklet
Have a practice interview
Interview preperation
Interview at UCL
Interview at Pembroke
Get offer from Warwick
Get UCL offer letter
Get Oxford offer letter
Get offer from UCL
Get rejection from LSE
Get final decision letter
Get audit letter
Get initial loan forms
Fill in HE1 form
Hand in HE1 form
Get UCAS pre-results letter
Pembroke undergrad pack arrives
Results day
Decide what to do next
Apply for clearing offers
Narrow down clearing offers
Get released from UCL
Get some clearing offers in mail
Get UCAS clearing entry form
Go to Essex open day
Get clearing offer from Essex
Get clearing offer from Reading
Go to Reading open day
Send of clearing entry form to Essex
Get Oxford rejection letter
Get UCAS acceptance letter
Get Essex acceptance pack
Fill in Essex accommodation form
Send off results slips to Essex
Fill in change of circumstances form
Receive revised financial assessment form
Receive Essex registration pack
Receive accommodation information
Get results slips back
Get another student loan details confirmation
Choose a student bank account
Get Essex Student Union pack
Get a student bank account
Get payment schedule letter
Start packing for university
Do last minute stuff

What happens next? - See the Essex diary