Fill in Essex accommodation form

Date received: 31/08/2002

I got the Essex accommodation form along with the acceptance pack which Essex sent me. I knew I had to get this filled in and back to Essex pretty quick, as even though they guaranteed me accommodation, because I had come through clearing, I would probably not get a good selection.

The first section was just personal details and stuff so that was pretty easy to fill in, the third section was easy to - just had to sign and date it. The important stuff came in the middle where I had to select three choices of accommodation (in order of preference) and also state some other preferences.

Firstly I had to say if I was attending a pre-seasonal course. To start with I had no idea what a pre seasonal course was, but after a bit of rummaging around it turned out it was an English language test for foreign students - that was a no then. Secondly asking whether I wanted a single sex flat. I wasn't to bothered about this, so put no because it meant I was more likely to get into my first choice of accommodation. Next they asked if I smoked and would prefer a non smoking flat - here the answers were no and yes respectively.

Lastly there was the choice of accommodation. I put the Towers for my first choice, because they were cheaper (leaving more money to spend on the finer things in life), and I didn't mind shared facilities. Secondly I put Wolfson Courts and thirdly South Courts, for no real reason except they were not off campus.