Go to Reading open day

Date : 21/08/2003

My second clearing open day was rather different to my first

Today I and my mum went along to one of the reading open days. Reading was running open days all week for clearing people rather than just having a couple like Essex. For this reason, we were the only people to be there and were given a tour by one of the students by ourselves. This was good in the way that we got to ask a lot more questions of our own to the student (again I can't remember her name).

She showed us round the main buildings and teaching blocks and some of the bars and shops on the campus. We also went to see some accommodation, though didn't get a very good look as we could only stand outside and peer in through the window.

I was also able to have a short meeting with one of the maths tutors, where he was able to give me an extra pack of information about the course and answer some questions, though I didn't ask anything very interesting, much the same kind of stuff I asked at the Essex open day.

Reading University seemed ok, bur for some reason I seemed to prefer Essex. It might have been the fact that the reading Campus looked much like a big school, while the Essex campus looked more like a little community. There were benefits to reading though, it was much closer to home and was closer to the centre of Reading than Essex was to Colchester. I had a look at comparing the courses offered but it didn't seem that easy to distinguish between the two.