Interviews at Oxford booklet

The Oxford interview booklet is a short 8 page booklet, with lots of information about interviews at Oxford, and tells you pretty much all the general information you need to know. I think the booklet is given out at some Oxford open days, but it is also sent to applicants when their interview is confirmed which is when I received mine.

The main topics covered are: applying to oxford, the purpose and format of the interview, how to prepare and what to do and also what happens afterwards.

Useful things that caught my eye in the booklet:

We will assess your abilities and, more importantly, your potential.

Remember the interviewers are not looking to see how many A-levels you did, or the number of extra-curricular activities you take but how good you are at your subject and how well they think you could be.

Interviewers are not trying to make you feel ignorant or catch you out.

This is true, but they are trying to find out about you and your abilities so may ask some pretty difficult questions. This is to test your knowledge, understanding and how well you cope with subjects or ideas beyond A-level. Don't worry if a question seems impossible to answer, have a go, usually there's no right answer.

Don't be put off by the number of other applicant, the myths and rumours - have a go.

I heard lots of weird stuff before my interview, and though I got asked some strange questions too, it's nothing to be too worried about. Just be yourself.

Pretty much all the information in the booklet can be found online and there is also a useful guide for parents about interviews.