My personal statement - first draft

The crucial importance and relevance of economics related disciplines to the modern world have led me to want to pursue the study of these social sciences at a higher level My experiences of A-Level Economics has shown me the fundamental part it plays in our lives. I am particularly interested in the behaviour of firms and organisations from an economic point of view and based my A-Level coursework in this particular field During my study I have come across many real life complexities in pricing behaviour, profit making and other aspects of Pricing theory. While attempting to explain these alternate theories of firms I have developed a keen interest in analysing and understanding how the world of business is influenced by economics.

Using my current economic knowledge I recently created an economic revision website for A-level and GCSE students. It is intended to aid younger students gain an understanding of core economic principles but also helped me improve my own computer and presentational skills.

I regularly read newspapers and economic publications to keep up to date with economic developments and am able to use my mathematic and analytical skills to apply different economic theories to a range of real-life economic situations.

Last year I took part in an economics and business project called young enterprise in which me and members of my school set up a small company and sold products to students at our school Though we only made a small amount of money I enjoyed me chance to put some of my business economic theory into practice. In addition to enhancing my management and communication skills I also gained a distinction in the associated exam.

The demanding nature of the work has given me and added sense of responsibility buy also of pride, fulfilment and greater application for hard work, ultimately making me more mature and dependable

I take pride in and put effort into all my work, whether academics or not. I find virtually all the work I am currently undertaking demanding in terms of time, but in all other respects reasonably straightforward.

I hope that during the course of this brief statement, I have convinced you of my interest and dedication to a further course of study. I believe that I will make a valuable contribution to your institution and hope that I may have an opportunity to prove this to you.

I have found economics to be a subject of great breadth and am also interested in both macro and micro economics. It is this variation of perspective, that makes Economics an appealing subject to study at University.