Interested in more than one subject?

I know, I had the same problem, whether you've decided if your going to university or not, if you have more than one interest it can be difficult to decide what to do next. Sometimes the solution is to go for a job or course which encompasses both things - for example if you are interested in maths and IT you may be able to get a joint course or take a maths course with a large portion of IT.

This can be more difficult if your chosen subjects are very different from each other such as IT and English for example. The only option here is to do lots of research into both subjects and decide which one might suit you best.

Do things like visit open days, read course specifications, speak to people with careers or interests in your chosen subject browse the net and see what other people say about them. Just do whatever you can to find out more about these subjects to be able to make a decision.

Ok so you've done that and still got no idea, you could pick you subject by things like the job opportunities or the pay once you get a job but things like these can change. Why not just look at some courses and pick one you like the look of or looks interesting or fun. If you've done lots of research and cannot decide what to do then you don't need a real reason!

Alternatively put down more than one type of course on your UCAS form - you get six choices so why not choose different things at different universities.