Send off results slips to Essex

Date received: 31/08/2002

Some dilemmas with the postal service on how to keep my results slips safe

In my acceptance pack, Essex requested that I send off my A-level and GCSE results slips. This was because I had applied through clearing, and they only had my A-level results confirmed on my CEF form.

I gathered up all my statements (8 in all) and put them in a big envelope along with this cover letter (plus the addresses and stuff obviously).

I am sending you my results slips for verification as requested. Please find enclosed a total of eight results slips, for my GCSE, AS and A-level exams.

Please also find enclosed a self addressed envelope, could you please post my slips back to me when you have finished with them.

If you need it my UCAS number is 030469769.

The final issue was how was I going to take care of my results slips? Though I had certificates for all my GCSE exams, which were staying safe at home, for my AS and A-level exams, the results slips were my only evidence of the qualifications so I wanted to keep them safe. I though about sending them by recorded mail, but then there was the problem that I couldn't send them back to myself by recorded mail. In the end I just decided to stick a self addressed envelope in with the results slips (as shown in the cover letter above), and hope it all went smoothly. As someone pointed out, the results slips weren't all that important.