UCAS Pre-results letter

Date received 24/07/2003

Got a letter from UCAS today containing one main letter two flyers and two adverts.
The adverts were pretty boring one from some mobile phone company and one from HSBC each offering student deals. The flyers were slightly more interesting one from the BBC offering advice on results day more info about that can be found at the BBC flyer page. The other was from UCAS with advice on clearing.

The real letter contains information about the exam results, accepting my university place, clearing, and financial information. Firstly it told me when my results were coming out - the 14th of August for me - though the actual time your results are available will be decided by your school and you will hopefully already have some information about that.

It says you don't need to inform universities of your results - this will be done by UCAS - though it may be wise to contact them if you fall short of the entry requirements as they may still offer you a place. After your results UCAS will send you a final confirmation letter where you select which university you go to - you only have 14 days after your results to get this to UCAS so think fast.

This is the important stuff there the only other thing of note is a reminder about student loans. By now you should have applied and accepted your loan though if you haven't there is still time to do this. Remember you can take out a loan before you know your exam results and apply to university. If you do it early enough it will guarantee you have the money available ready for your first term.

There is nothing you need to do once you've got this letter just read it and check everything is correct.