Do last minute stuff

Date: 29/09/2003

It was the day before uni - and there were still a few things to do

Today I did most of my packing, which mostly consisted of throwing clothes, my pc, kitchen and bathroom items into bags and boxes. I found some really big bags to put the majority of my clothes in, and just put my kitchen and bathrooms stuff together with my stationary in boxes. I took most care packing lots of Essex, UCAS and LEA documents to make sure I would have all the paperwork I needed at Essex. But was also careful to pack my flat screen monitor which, which I put in its original box with all its packing materials .I found a good packing strategy was to put things together in bags, then put them in boxes to make them easier to carry around.

I also went to the bank today to see why I hadn't received anything about the account I applied for. I was told the reason was that I hadn't heard anything was that my application had been rejected. Apparently, the signatures I had made didn't match them one on my driving licence, so they hadn't opened my account. Apparently they had tried to contact me about this, but I hadn't heard anything. This meant that I would not have the account open by the time I started at Essex tomorrow, which would be a bit annoying, but wasn't a big deal, as I still had my Natwest account.