Fill in HE1 form

Date: February 2003

Applying for tuition fee support and a student loan

The first section was pretty easy to fill in - just a few personal details, with the exception of which council collected my council tax, which I needed to look up. The second section was also pretty easy as I had lived in the UK all my life. Next I had to fill in information about my parents, though this was only details like names and addresses. As I live with both my parents this meant I had to fill in my home address three times!

After the personal stuff I had to enter details about my course and university. By this point I had chosen my firm and insurance choices, but where I ended up depended on my grades. We were advised to put down where we expected we would be going, so I put down Pembroke College, University of Oxford and the associated course details. The only difficulty I had was the dates the course would start and end - I had a good idea of the start date, but wasn't sure when it would officially finish, so just guessed a date.

Next there were a few tick boxes asking whether I qualified for any extra grants or loans - as I didn't have any special circumstances these all went down as no. Next I had to fill out information about my previous education, which was just details about my school. The next section asked for employment details after I had left school, though as I was still in full time education I left this blank. Lastly I was asked whether I had applied for a loan before, and to select income assessed or non-income assessed support. As I hadn't applied for a loan before I just ticked the no box. I also chose non-income assessed support for the reasons discussed in get initial loan forms. Finally I signed and dated the form and it was ready to return to the LEA.