Get an interview letter from UCL

Date received: 18/11/2002

My first contact from a university - and it's for an interview

It had been a long time since I had had my UCAS acknowledgement letter and still hadn't received any offers (or rejections), but lots of my friends has already had offers so I was wondering if I was forgotten by all the universities.

However today I got my first letter from one of them. It was from UCL, and wasn't an offer, they were just inviting me to visit their department and have what they described as an informal interview. This part worried me a bit, how informal was an informal interview, what would I be expected to say or ask. I really had no idea here, I expected an interview from Oxford but not really from UCL, but I could worry about that later.

UCL had also sent me some information packs about the courses that they offered so I read through those, there was also a card which I needed to send back to say I was coming to their department open day. Having already missed quite a few university open days I thought this would be a good idea - pity about the interview.