Get released from UCL

Date: 17/08/2003

UCL didn't have any courses available which I wanted to accept.

Now I had a better idea about what places I was interested in I would soon need to apply officially. To do this I would need to send off the UCAS clearing entry form to the university I was interested in applying to. So far I had not yet received the clearing entry form, possibly because UCL had not yet declined my offer.

As I talked about earlier, UCL said they could not offer me a place on my existing course, but that they would not release me yet as it was possible they could find me a place on another course. I now phoned back UCL and asked what other courses they might have available. I was told there were no courses that included economics, it was possible I could be placed on a more maths based course such as statistics. I decided on the phone that I didn't want to do statistics or a solely maths based course so asked to be released (i.e. officially have my offer declined) so that UCAS would send me my clearing form.

After this was done I decided to wait till tomorrow and see if any post would come from either Essex or Reading, as both universities has made me offers and sent packs in the post. With this information along with the open days I could decide what place, if any, to accept in clearing.