Hand in UCAS form

Date: around ?/09/2002

I finally got the form in - on my schools Oxbridge deadline

My work on the form was pretty much complete here. I still had to get my personal statement printed onto the form though. I expect I could have done this at home, it was just a matter of setting the printer margins on the word document my statement was stored in and feeding the form through the printer. However it had taken me ages to fill in the form nicely so I wasn't going to take any chances.

I put the file on disk and bought it into school, where I went to the photocopying room. One of the people who worked there took my disk and form, changed the necessary settings and printed on the personal statement; the majority of my form was now complete.

I now handed the completed UCAS form, UCAS reply card, cheque for £15 to UCAS, Oxford application form and cheque for £10 to Oxford, and that was the last I saw of my UCAS form

The reference part

Even though my work was done, my UCAS form wasn't complete, there was a whole page left that needed to be filled in by my teachers. For every person in year 13 who applied to university, a teacher had to write their reference. This meant each teacher might have to do 15 or so references.

The school had a system where each subject teacher wrote a few lines about each student they taught, I took three subjects so had three comments. Then these comments were passed to my form tutor who turned them into one large statement and added a part of their own. Finally the statement went to the head of year and head teacher who added their own comments. Once this was complete the form was sent off to UCAS.