Get Essex acceptance pack

Date received: 29/08/2002

The acceptance letter from Essex arrives, along with a pack of other stuff

The acceptance pack was made up of around eight separate items. The first was an acceptance letter, informing me I had been accepted for the place and describing some of the other items in the pack.

Secondly there was a booklet of information for new students, covering accommodation, arrival and enrolment, tuition fees, car parking and verification of qualifications among other things.

One of the important things was verification of qualifications. As I had applied through clearing, Essex didn't have all my qualifications listed on the UCAS form. This meant I would need to send of either my results slips or certificates to them so they could check they were ok.

There was also a pre-arrival leaflet which covered the paying of tuition fees and also financial help offered by the university. There were a couple of forms detailing accommodation and facilities on campus.

Finally there was a booklet describing accommodation and an accommodation form which needed to be filled in.