Get UCL offer letter

Date received: 09/01/2003

My first interview results in a nice obtainable offer

Considering the strangeness of my UCL interview, I was pleasantly surprised to be made an offer. I was also surprised by the low conditions of the offer, the only bit which might be difficult was the A in maths. Either I must have made a pretty good impression at the interview, or the interviews didn't really count for much and were just an opportunity to get to know the students. Either way I had an offer from a good university in a place I would like to study, and the low conditions would make a good backup depending on whether I was offered a place at Oxford.

Along with the offer letter UCL also sent me a lot more information about the college and details about what would happen if I accepted the offer, though I didn't really look at these much as I was still waiting for a reply from Oxford before I made any decisions.

UCL offer letter