Pembroke undergrad pack

Date received 01/08/2003

Today I got a big information pack for Pembroke College covering a whole range of topics. The most important part is I have about six forms to fill in covering, lodgings, food, medical care, computer use and other subjects. These forms require me to be accepted to Pembroke first so I must get the grades AAA in my A-levels.

I will get my results on the 14th of august and then I will know if whether I'm going to Oxford, UCL or nowhere. If I do by some miracle get AAA then I'm off to Pembroke and have until the 30th to get these forms filled in.

Apart from the forms there is a whole load of other information. It starts with costs information, the tuitions fees, how I pay them and to whom. The there is information about room and board costs and other fees. There is information on term dates, IT systems, people at the college and other stuff, if I get time I may add some extra details here.