Get a letter from Oxford

Date received: 23/10/2002

Today I was told my Oxford College - it would be Pembroke

Today I got my a preliminary letter from Oxford. Firstly they sent me a little card confirming that I wanted to study economics and management and also saying what colleges I had been allocated to. Because I had made an open application I had been allocated to three colleges. The first was Pembroke, the second Lincoln and the third St Edmund Hall. This meant Pembroke was my college of preference and whenever I communicated with Oxford it would be with Pembroke. I was also sent a small sheet from Oxford explaining this and also telling me that this selection was not final and could change.

I also received a letter from the admissions tutor of Pembroke College, firstly telling me I should contact the college if any of my details were incorrect, but more importantly telling me that I would be sent information about interviews which would take place in December. I was also told to look in the prospectus to find out more information about the interview and any sample work I would need to submit.

I didn't really know anything about Pembroke college, I had only heard of the really famous ones even though I lived here. Fist I flicked to the map in the prospectus to work out where it was. It turned out it was right in the centre of town and I had walked past it loads of times without even knowing. I also read the Pembroke page in the prospectus. It didn't really say much but it looked kind of nice.