Get Pembroke interview confirmation letter

Date received: 02/12/2002

I was given the date of my interview at Pembroke - it was the day after my UCL interview

Today I got confirmation of my interview for economics and management at Pembroke. The interview was to take place over two days: from Thursday 12th of December to Friday 13th of December, though they expected me to turn up before 1.00 pm on Wednesday 11th of December. This created a problem as my UCL interview was on the Wednesday, so I had to phone up the college to check it would be Ok to arrive on the Thursday, but after one phone call I got this sorted out.

Enclosed with the letter was a slip I had to send off concerning when I would be coming and at what time, and also a little information about what would happen. I was told the college would provide accommodation and food over my stay, that I should report to the porters lodge when I arrived at the college and should look at the notice board to see when I had my interviews.

Also enclosed was a short booklet about interviews at Oxford with advice about, choosing where to apply, applying, written work, interviews and what would happen next. This booklet was a big help as it explained lots of things I hadn't really been sure about.

See the interviews at Oxford booklet