Send of clearing entry form to Essex

Date received: 22/08/2002

Choosing which university to go to - again

I had pretty much decided I was going to Essex now, so I had to fill in the UCAS clearing entry form and then be accepted, to go there. This was much easier to fill in than the UCAS form because it was only a couple of pages long, and all my A-level qualifications were already filled in.

The first section was personal details, which was easy enough. The second section was an academic reference which was slightly harder. My first though for this would be my form tutor, but school was closed at the moment and it would be difficult to reach them. To find out who to put, I phoned up the school and they told me to put my head of year along with the school's phone number, which was easy enough.

Next there were two rows for filling in institutions and course. I only filled in the first row with the course details for Essex. On the back page I had to first put down my vocational qualifications (none) and then all my GCSEs, which was tedious work, but not all that bad.

Finally I signed the form and sent it off to Essex, using an address I found in the clearing booklet that came along with the form.