Go to university open days

Date: 26/06/2002

It didn't help leaving it this late to start going to open days

Unfortunately I dint actually get to go to that many open days before I made my choices for university - just one in fact. The problem was I started thinking about university too late to go to any. Most universities have their open days in late August or early September so by the time I had got round to thinking about visiting some of the institutions on the Look at some university websites and prospectuses page most of them had already had their open days.

The one open day I did make was LSE (London School of Economics) on the 26th of June. I arrived around 10 in the morning and waited for an introductory talk slightly later which took place in a lecture theatre where we were just told boring introductory stuff. Afterwards there were a series of talks on different courses being offered but because of the odd times they were at I could only go to two. The talks I went to were on economics and maths and economics and accounting where they just went talked about the course. I didn't really seem to learn much here that wasn't in the prospectus.

Apart from that I didn't really end up doing a lot more. There was a look at some accommodation which I missed so I can't talk about that. I also picked up a few information booklets and stuff.

So all in all I missed out a bit on the open days available before I made my university choices but at least I did get to visit one place and get some idea of what university life might be like.