What I already knew

Date: around 15/09/2002

Even before I started thinking seriously I already had some idea about university

Before I had really thought too much about going to university I had already been given some information about it in class. This happened mainly in year 12 when we had teachers explain to us about the process of applying to university, show us some UCAS forms and show us some personal statements. We also had people already at university of career advisors come in to talk to us about it.

So before the process really started for me I already had some idea of how I would be applying to university. I knew that I would be applying for university sometime in Late 2002 if I decided to go and to do that I would need to fill in the UCAS form and write a personal statement. I was also told a bit about what I could expect life to be like at university and some information about student finance but no real advice about how I would apply, that all came later, at this point in time I was just told the basics.

In addition to these talks at school I also went on a compulsory trip where we were told about various aspects of university which I have now forgotten most of but it gave me some idea at the time of what I could expect

I was also given a form to fill in for a UCAS card, something like a store loyalty card with a microchip on to store my details. I think the idea was that I could use it to order prospectuses from universities without filling in a lot of forms but I never used it.

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