Decide I want to go to university

Date: around 16/09/2002

The first stage of my journey to universty - do I actually want to go? As it turns out the answer is yes

This was a pretty easy choice for me as enjoy my subjects at school and generally get good grades in them. Also both my mum and dad went to university so they both thought it was the right thing to do.

I didn't even consider going straight into paid work - I'm was to lazy to start real work just yet, and also a degree seems to be mum more valued these days and I didn't want to end up unemployed a few years down the line with no higher level qualifications.

The decision not to go into some sort of apprenticeship or placement scheme was harder though. I kind of like the idea of doing some real work, getting paid for it and also getting experience and a qualification at the same time. But in the end I decided against this route. Right now I can't remember why this was - maybe just the idea that all my family and friends thought I would go to university and I went along with it. I do have a friend doing an apprenticeship with BMW though so I can report on how he's getting on there.

There are also a couple of other reasons for going to university. Firstly the feeling of getting away and making it on my own. Admittedly I will be provided with bed, board and everything else I need at least for the first year so I won't exactly be making it on my own. However the feeling of getting away from family life and being a bit more independent is appealing - so if I went to a local university I would defiantly choose to live in.

Those are my views mostly based on the fact I would like to continue studying and feel that a degree would help my future employment.

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