Have a practice interview

Date: 04/12/2002

Good preparation, though I felt I did rather badly

Today, me and another guy (Kaveh) who were both applying to Oxford, had a practice interview with our economics teacher. We decided to sit in on each others interviews to get as much practice as possible and so our teacher wouldn't need to go over things twice. The kind of questions which we were asked were mainly the sorts of things listed in the economics at Oxbridge booklet such as: why have you chosen to study here? What are your career plans? What are you interested in reading? What is your greatest weakness?

I performed pretty badly here, having given little thought to these sort of questions, and also having no firm idea why I wanted to apply to Oxford. I left the interview feeling like I hadn't done all that well, but that I now knew much more about what it would be like and could spend the next week preparing answers to the obvious questions and hopefully do ok in the real interview.