Interview at UCL

Date: 11/12/2002

My first interview - I didn't really end up doing much talking

The interview at UCL was being preceded by an open day, for all applicants who were being interviewed. I had been given a programme along with my interview letter, which showed the day would be in four stages. First arrival, then lunch, then a talk, and lastly interviews and tours of the college.

Nothing much happened at the arrival, I just went to the building, found the correct room and sat down with other people who were waiting. Lunch was pretty much the same, just a walk through London to one of UCL's canteens, and then sitting around eating and talking to some of the people I had met. Next was a talk about the subject, university and course - which unfortunately I don't remember much about.

After that we got split into two groups, one group went on a tour of the university, the second had their interviews. I was in a group which went on the tour first, so would be having my interview on the way back. The tour consisted of lots of walking around London and not much of seeing anything, but I did have a chance to speak to our guide about the university, and his application there.

When we got back, we sat around waiting for our interview, and watched this promotional video until we were called. I had a quick glance over my notes at this point.

The actual interview didn't go too badly. There was only one interviewer so it wasn't too intimidating. Also he seemed to talk a lot, which I don't know whether this was a good or a bad thing. It meant I didn't have to answer awkward questions, but also that I wasn't giving a good impression of my self. The one thing I did get asked about was the website I made and talked about in my personal statement, and a little bit of economics but that was it really. I asked a couple of questions, the answers he have me were very long, but also interesting.

I came out of the interview feeling ok, but just didn't know whether I had performed well or not - it felt for the most part like I was interviewing him, rather than the other way round.