Start packing for university

Date: 26/09/2003

With only a few days to go it was time to think about getting ready

It was getting close to the time I would be going away so I decided I would think about getting the stuff I needed for university. Essex provided me with a list of things which were included in my room and kitchen area, and also a list of things which I needed to bring along, which is shown below:

Kitchen utensils

I decided that I wouldn't bother with a toaster, I would just get their first and see what other people had, and could decide whether to nip out and buy one or not. Pillow case, sheets, and towels would be easy, as I had my own already and could just bring those along. The only things I needed to worry about on the list were cutlery, crockery, and kitchen utensils. Though I would also need to think about other stuff such as bathroom stuff, stationary and clothes. Though it was possible I could just scrounge around the house for this and not end up having to buy it.

I drew up a list of things I would need to take to university (link), but most of it was stuff I already had and I would only need to buy a few things. I decided to go with my toaster philosophy, and only take the bare minimum amount of stuff buying the rest later. My mum said that I could just take old things like plates or mugs from her, so I wouldn't need to worry about that. The only things I would need to buy were things that we didn't have spare ones in the house. This only amounted to a few things such as tin opener, cheese greater, sharp knives, wooden spoon and stuff like that. The rest of the things I took from our house.