Hand in HE1 form

Date: February 2003

Rather than posting off my form, I could get it checked at school

To make applying for financial support easier, my school had arranged a special day where people from the LEA would come in and check our both certificate or passport, which needed to be provided with the HE1 form so the LEA could verify our identity. The people from the LEA would check the name on our form against the one on our passport, have a quick check through the form to make sure it was all completed correctly and then we were free to go.

From this stage on, the process would be different for the people who had applied for income assessed and non income assessed support. Those who had applied for income assessed support would need to fill in another form, the HE2, with information about their own and their families earnings over the academic year, so the LEA could calculate how much tuition fee support and loans they were entitled to. People who applied for non income assessed support, like me, would proceed onto the next stage.