Interview at Pembroke

Date: 12/12/2002


Today I arrived at Pembroke College for my interview. I would be staying at least one night there, as the interview would last at least one day, and possibly two. When I got to Pembroke the first thing I had to do was go to the porters lodge to collect the keys to my room. However when I got there I was told that some people from the last batch of interviews had not given back their keys yet, so me and the other people waiting for rooms trooped of to the junior common room to wait.

After a while a Pembroke student came and asked if anyone was waiting for a room, so I went along with her back to the porters lodge, where I was given a key, and also a big pack of information including a timetable, map and other useful stuff about Pembroke. I was then shown my room, which seemed to be on about the 5th floor, so there was a lot of walking up stairs. When I got there I quickly unpacked, then had to walk all the way down to go the first event on my timetable, a welcome meeting with one of the tutors.

At the meeting I was able to see everyone else who had applied for economics and management, there were about 20 or so people in the room, and Pembroke was offering something like four places - not exactly good odds. The tutor didn't say a lot, just a little introduction to the course and Pembroke, and a little talk about the format of the interviews. Soon after this we all went to sit the economics and management test.