Get an offer from Warwick

Date received: 19/12/2003

An impossibly high offer limited my chances of going to Warwick

Today I received my offer from Warwick along with some terms and conditions which made it look much more scary than any of my other offers. Warwick had technically made me three different offers and I only had to achieve one of them to get a place, though all looked difficult.

The first offer required a certain grade in an AEA or Step paper. As I wasn't taking either of these that offer was out. It seemed very strange I had even been made an offer which included papers I wasn't even taking, though maybe Warwick made the same offer to every candidate. The second offer required an A in maths and further maths which also seemed unlikely. The only offer I might manage to satisfy was the third - A in maths and AAB in three other subjects. This would require me to get an A in both economics and physics and a B in further maths - not impossible, but still pretty difficult so it looked unlikely I would be going to Warwick.