Get final decision letter

Date received: 15/01/2003

The oxford offer completed the set of responses from universities

My last offer though Ucas was the offer from Oxford, probably because I spent a long time thinking about whether to accept it or not. Now I had all my offers I needed to tell Ucas which my firm and insurance choices were so the other four universities could free up the places they had offered to me. My firm choice was pretty easy, since I had told Oxford I would put them first, this is what I did. Though it did cross my mind that I could still put another university down as my first choice and Oxford as my insurance, and there wouldn't be anything they could do about it.

The insurance choice was a bit more difficult to make, primarily because all of my offers required an A in maths, the subject which I felt I was least likely to get an A in. A summary of the offers made to me is listed in the table below.

Birmingham ABC A in maths, BC in economics or physics
Bristol AAB A in maths or further maths
Oxford AAA  
UCL ABB A in maths, B in economics
Warwick AABa A in maths, A in further maths AS

All offers excluded general studies. Warwick made three alternative offers - the one listed about is the only one I could actually obtain.

As you can see, Warwick's offer was less obtainable than Oxford's, so I couldn't really put Warwick down as my insurance. The other three offers were all pretty similar, the A in maths would be difficult to obtain, though I was pretty sure I could easily get an A in both physics and economics. Because of the similarities between the offers I put down UCL as my insurance, which was the university I most wanted to go to apart from Oxford.

After making theses decisions I just had to fill in the reply slip at the bottom of the form and send it back to Ucas.