End of term tests

Date: 11/12/2003

Time to see what I've learned this term

It was drawing close to the last day of term, most of my half year courses were coming to an end and the tests were upon us. I had two tests, one for calculus and one for liner maths, each worth 20% of the grade for those modules, so neither were hugely important.

The tests were to be done one after the other, staring at 4PM in the afternoon and ending at 6PM. Though there were no lectures earlier than day, it still felt too late to be doing a test. The tests were being held in one of the lecture theatres, which was surprising, as it meant we wouldn't be sitting at desks, and the sloping floor meant we might be able to peer at other peoples work.

I didn't need to take much along to the tests, just pens and pencils and my registration card. No calculators were allowed which was a shame. I thought it would be conducted a bit like the exams I used to have at A-level, but it was a bit less serious than that. There were invigilators and things but they let us sit where we wanted to provided we were spaced out.

On the front of the paper there was a space for the course and degree you were taking, but no space for your name. The only identifiable information you had to put down was your registration number. This was because the tests were marked by our lectures, and presumably prevented favouritism.

Apart from all of this, it was pretty much like any other test, and I just got on with it. The results will be posted when I get back to Essex after Christmas, and I can find out how I did, though I felt both tests went pretty well really.