Go shopping

Date: 01/10/2003

Down to the local Tesco's to get the essentials

Now I had got settled in at Essex the first thing to do was go shopping. I had already been persuade to get some basic stuff by my mum but needed quite a few more things. There was a large Tesco superstore about 10 minutes walk away so I decided to go there. Just picked up a few more essential things really like cereal, honey, fruit, crisps, frozen food and stuff like that. I also picked up a few things I hadn't bothered to get before like washing up stuff and shampoo, though couldn't get to much as I had to walk back to the campus with it all.

There were also a few shops on campus where I could buy things I needed. Essex has a students union shop, a print shop and also a post office (where I could buy stamps which was another things which I forgot to scrounge off my parents)

That was about it on the shop front near and around Essex University, for anything else I would need to go to the nearest town, Colchester. There were a couple of things I needed from there: a short network cable to connect my PC to the socket in my room, and a short length of video cable to do the same for the TV card in my PC.