First class

Date: 14/10/2003

Time to see how well I did in the problem sheets

Classes started in my third week at Essex (with freshers week being week 1). This was because classes were used for going over problem sheets we were given in the previous week. The format for classes was we would swap our solutions with the person sitting next to us, and mark each others work. In my first class the lecturer had the solutions on an overhead projector and went trough them on the board, but in other lectures we were given printed answers to mark with. Once we had marked our partners work we gave their mark to the lecturer.

The marks from problem sheets didn''t count towards our final grade or anything'' they were just used as a guide so our lecturer could see how we were getting on. I didn''t do too well on my first problem sheet (discrete maths, probably because I only spent around half an hour on it and ended up making a lot of stupid mistakes, though I did better in the other ones in the first week.