Do problem sheets

Date: around 10/10/2003

The first time I had to actually do some work

During my fist week of lectures I was given a problem sheet for each subject I was taking. These sheets contained questions which were covered in the lectures that week, and needed to be completed for the courses class in the following week. Each problem sheet was supposed to take between 1 and 3 hours to complete.

I didn''t have a problem sheet in my computer science course, instead there were lab assignments, which you could spend some time in the lab on, and would need to finish off in your own tine.

I also had an extra optional sheet of questions from the maths department. These MSP (maths problem sheet) question were supposed to be an extra challenge for people taking maths. They were really just for practice, but the student who scored highest in them overall would win a prize at the end of the year.

The maths problem sheets consisted of around 1 to 2 pages of short questions, most of them seemed to be just basic stuff we had done in lectures, but on some there were a few harder proof questions. The economics problem sheet was probably slightly easier, and consisted of fewer questions but each question was usually longer.

I would estimate I spent about 7 hours on my compulsory question sheets, and around 2 hours on the MSP sheet for my first set of problem sheets.