Freshers fair

Date: 04/10/2003

The freshers fair was around 30 or so different stalls run by the societies and clubs at Essex. This included sports societies like hockey and American football, academic societies such as economics or politics, cultural societies like the Mexican and Spanish and a whole bunch of other societies like the multiplayer gaming society, role playing society and the drinking society. There were also lots of companies offering a whole range of student products such as insurance and driving lessons.

Firstly we just went and had a look around the different stalls, lots of them were giving out flyers, sweets, pencils and other freebies if you signed up such as beer ar pot noodles. I decided to sign up for the multiplayer gaming society, and was also thinking about the film society, but it was quite expensive (£10), and also you needed two passport photos which I hadn't thought to bring along.