Check out Colchester

Date: 02/10/2003

My first trip into the local town


I had a pretty free day today because there were no fresher events and registration wasn't until tomorrow, so I decided to go and check out Colchester - the local town. The University of Essex was quite close to Colchester, but too far to walk, around a mile away from the town centre I would say, so I decided to take my bike to get there.

Cycling through the outskirts of Colchester was a bit depressing. The place seemed a real dump made up of abandoned warehouses, tumbled down building and stuff like that, but a bit further in it got a bit better and looked just like most other cities.

The city centre seemed pretty normal, had all the major high street shops and stuff plus a collection of independent stores. I firstly went to Argos, where I was able to pick up a cable to link my TV card to the aerial socket in my room. I also went to a small independent computer store, where I was able to pick up a short length of network cable. I didn't go anywhere else but did check out the location of Natwest, just in case I needed to sort something out with my bank account