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Date: 12/01/2004

Timetables problems at 8AM - Lucky I didn't have a lie in

It was 8AM Monday morning, and I still hadn't sorted out my timetable for the upcoming week. The earlier a lecture could start was at 9.00, so I didn't have a lot of time. My time table would hopefully be a lot lighter this term, as I would be doing the equivalent of one less full course (A degree at Essex is made up of the equivalent of 4 full courses). I had now finished three half courses in maths and one in computer science, which would only be replaced with two new maths courses, so I should end up with 6-8 less timetable hours.

Upon checking the maths notice board I had discovered that there was a lecture scheduled for 9.00AM Monday - how nasty. I quickly scribbled this down along with the rest of the lectures for the week and got back to my room to pick up pens and paper for the lecture.

The 9.00AM lecture was statistics and my other new module was simply known as mathematics 2. Having already talked about first lectures once before, there isn't really much more to add. At the end of Monday I had had three lectures, one in each of my new modules and one in economics. The term was shaping up to be pretty similar to last term, but with a much nicer timetable. The only annoying thing was some of my friends now had timetables with one or two completely free days. I only had one lecture on both Mondays and Fridays but no free days at all.