Maths tutor meeting

Date: 03/10/2003

Met my tutor, he seemed nice, that's about it really

Today I would be assigned a maths personal tutor. This would be someone from the maths department who I could go to if I had any problems either with the course, or any aspect of university life. To find out who my tutor was I needed to attend a meeting with the rest of the first year maths students. At this meeting we were also told some more stuff about the maths department and what we were expected to do. We were also given two pages of problems to try which would be in for next week. The problems didn't look too hard, just like the stuff I had been doing last year really - I wasn't sure I could remember any of it though.

After this the lecturers who were acting as personal tutors stood up and read out the names of the students they would be assigned to. It turned out that my tutor wasn't there, so I would need to meet him later in the day when he was available.

Later in the afternoon I went to meet my new tutor, which didn't take very long. He just asked me how I was settling in and how things were going. Seeing as everything was alright there wasn't really a lot to talk about. Pretty much five minutes afterwards I said bye, and probably won't see him again for ages now.