Date: 02/10/2003

After this process I was now officially an Essex student

Registration was the formal process of signing up for Essex University. At registration I received my registration card, course enrolment list and student loan cheque. Firstly I went do a desk where I was asked to show something with my name on, and the person gave me my registration card and an enrolment form, and asked me to sign them both. I then proceeded to another desk where my enrolment form was checked and signed, and then another desk where the same thing happened again. At the next desk the barcode on my registration card was scanned, I was given a copy of the university regulations policy and procedures, and I was told that registration was complete.

I could now go to two other desks, one where I could pick up my student loan cheque and another where I could pay my tuition and accommodation fees. I went to the student loan cheque desk where I signed another sheet and was given my loan cheque. As I wasn't too sure about the state of my finances at the moment I decided to not pay any fees at the moment.

Now registration was complete I had been given four things - my registration card, my confirmation of course enrolment, the university regulations policy and procedures and my student loan cheque. The university regulations policy was a pretty long A4 sized booklet, so I didn't bother reading it, the student loan cheque was a pretty normal cheque, it was the other two things which were most interesting.

My registration card contained a photo, registration ID, PRID (id for online payments), barcode, and my username and temporary password for the computer system. It also functioned as an NUS and library card.

The conformation of course enrolment was pretty much the same as my course enrolment form, I was sent with my registration pack. On the back it contained information about how I went about finding out my timetable. To do this I had to go to the main noticeboard and the department noticeboards and find out what lectures and classes I needed to attend, and also what classes I was in.