Sort out timetable

Date: 03/10/2003

For some reason Essex didn't have a computerised timetabling system. This meant that I had to go round the different departments to work out what lectures and classed I needed to attend. Teaching at Essex was made up of lectures - which were with large groups of people, and classes - which were with much smaller groups of people. I needed to attend all the lectures for each course, but would be assigned to a single class for each course, where I would only need to attend those classes.

I was doing first year courses with three departments: computing science, maths and economics. So I had to go round each department and find out which class I was in, and when and where they were held. At the maths and economics department, I had to also pick up and sign for a departmental handbook. This contained lots of information about the department, the courses it offered and its rules and regulations, which by signing for, I promised to abide by.