End of term

Date: 12/12/2003

My last day at Essex this year

Now that the tests were over there were no lectures or classes on the Friday for me or most of my friends. This meant most people had already gone home or were in the process of packing to leave. I met up with a couple of people this afternoon and went for a drink in the bar just to say bye before the Christmas holidays.

Unfortunately my parents couldn't pick me up until Saturday afternoon, and by this time all my flatmates and other friends had left. This meant my last day on campus was a bit boring and lonely, I talked to a few people on MSN, but it still felt weird being the only one in my flat and not having any of my friends around to come and say hi.

I ended up spending most of the day throwing clothes and other things I was taking back home into bags. As I had a few tests after Christmas I had to make sure I took all my folders and notes and things home with me. Once most of my stuff was packed up I just spent the rest of the day watching videos until my dad came to pick me and drive me back home.