Miss a lecture

Date: 08/10/2003

Accidentally walked into the wrong lecture and was too scared to walk out

Today I was the first time I missed a lecture, I wasn't exactly in a hurry or lost or anything, I just misread my timetable and walked into the wrong lecture hall - LTB 6 instead of LTB 7. Probably the worst thing was that I also caused one of my friends, Paul to miss the lecture as well, as he was following me.

It took us a while to actually realise we were in the wrong place, we first though something might be wrong when we noticed a different lecturer was in the room and about five minutes later when he started talking we knew we were in the wrong place, and a look at my timetable confirmed it.

Because the lecture has started late the room was pretty full and it would have been difficult to give out without annoying people, also we would end up walking into our actual lecture 15 minutes late as well, so we just decided to sit tight.

The lecture was about business management and how mathematical techniques could be used to aid business decisions. It was actually pretty interesting, but still a bit boring to sit through a lecture that would be absolutely no use to us at all. When we spoke to other people to ask what we had missed in the lecture (which was computing science), it turned out that lots of other people had missed it as well, so we didn't feel to bad. However in future I was very careful not to make the same mistake again.