Get internet access

Date: 02/01/2003 - 03/10/2003

I was able to log on to the intranet before registration (link), using a fresher account, but this only gave me access to the internet, and not email or anything else. This meant I could browse the net and check hotmail, but none of my other email accounts. After I was registered I was able to logon properly and check my real email account. I was also given an Essex email account.

To get internet access in my room, Essex had an online form which needed to be filled in. I first had to find the MAC address of my PC, and a few other details, then all I had to do was fill in this form in one of the computer labs, and wait a few hours until I was registered. This took quite a while and it got to the next day before the registration was complete. Once I was registered all I had to do was plug a network from my PC into the wall socket and I was able to use the net in my room.

I was also able to make online payments for some things at Essex, but logging on to their webpay system I was able to pay my accommodation fees for the first term using my debit card. I was also thinking about paying my tuition fees, but I wasn't sure I would have enough money in my account, as I hadn't paid in my student loan, so decided to leave it. I would also need to pay for the internet connection, it cost £30 a year for the net connection to my room, but it would take a day or so for the invoice to come through so I couldn't pay yet.