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normonthemormon's profile

Completed GCSES

Completed AS-levels

Maths A (AQA)
Computing A (AQA)
Philosophy B (AQA)
German A (Edexcel)

Completed A-levels

Ucas choices

The University of WarwickHistory
University of ExeterHistory
Royal HollowayHistory
University of SouthamptonHistory
The University of KentHistory
University of SussexHistory

Degree interests:

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interview in substance missues intervention by guest at 14:06 5/05/2011

i have got interview this monday 9.5.011 please if any body has been interview in this field ca contact me on .please help me as time runing and i havent got that much time left.ido appriciate that.thanks

Comment by guest at 23:20 8/11/2011

why u wanna study an this university and why u the subject is important to you?

architecture by guest at 23:51 9/02/2012

Hi! I need help, i have an interview for architecture. Can you give me some tips? My email is

Interview Tips Required by MissMax1977 at 2012-02-13 11:39:00

This is extremely short notice as I have just joined. I have an interview tomorrow at UWS for Social Work and wonder if anyone has any tips on what to expect from this interview? My email address is Thanks :o)

Comment by guest at 17:36 6/08/2012

i just am curious to find out what this question means if i was to get this asked to me in my interview. What are the most important current developments in your subject?

Comment by guest at 20:55 6/11/2012

"What are your weaknesses?" Upper body strength. I'm not sure whether that would be a suitable answer... :P

Comment by guest at 19:56 13/11/2012

This is really relevant, but the way the question 'Why are you taking a gap year?' is repeated is rather humourous. 'Why are you taking a gap year? What are your plans for your gap year? Why are you taking a gap year?' Just sounds kinda interrogative and suspicious... Just sayin' (:

^^^ by guest at 19:56 13/11/2012

*irrelevant, sorry, typo :L

Applying to study sports science and exercise. by guest at 16:03 11/11/2013

Can you please help me. I am currently in the process of applying to Bath uni to study sports science and I would really like to know what sort of questions I would come across if invited to an interview. Thanks Please email me: