The University of Nottingham reviews

The University of Nottingham review

- Good reputation
- Lovely campus (meadows, boating lakes etc) and halls have a 'college' atmosphere. True campus based uni. Halls and main campus buildings really nice.
- Good sports facilities (admittedly quite expensive)
- City is great - compact, but everything you could need. Brill shopping, bars, clubs, National Ice Rink, etc etc
- Good public transport system - only 10 mins bus into city and rel. cheap

As far as medschool is concerned, good research - other depts no doubt also have excellent research.

- accommodation is getting more expensive - I pay £270 a month plus bills
- A few concrete eyesores, but these are gradually being 'improved'.
- Union isn't as active as other uni;s - though medics tend to socialise elsewhere so probably not as bad in real life as I think of it.
- possible over representative of higher social classes

The University of Nottingham review

Great course at a great university. The campus is famously attractive (except for the science area) and is in a good area of Nottingham, with a deer park just over the road.

The city centre isn't far away but you still have that campus community feel. From speaking to friends, I think the hall system at Nottingham is better than most at promoting a hall spirit - especially in the extensive hall sports set-up.

Students tend to be quite middle class and intelligent, though not necessarily hugely academic. The Union bar is relatively small but the main building is pleasant and large.

The University of Nottingham review

Nottingham Uni is a campus university, which is situated about a 15 minute bus ride from the city centre. The campus has 12 halls and its a really great campus, loads of green space and even a lake! each hall has a bar which is great, and there's the union on campus which isn't the best but its ok.

The city centre is packed with bars and clubs to suit any taste so there's always loads to do, although some of the bars can be a bit pricey at the weekends, so its best to stick to the student nights, happy hours etc

As for studying, most people here enjoy their courses and work quite hard, the amount of lectures vary between courses and most courses involve tutorials and seminars etc

The University of Nottingham review

Ok, so Uni's pretty good fun. Get away from your parents (always a bonus) and the first year generally isn't too hard. However, there are a few things that be useful to some of you wanting to a)come to Nottingham or b) Study law here.

a)Nottingham is great. Nice city with lots of bars and clubs, good social life and nice place to shop if you are in to that kind of thing. The Uni itself is beautiful, a really nice place to work as it is quiet but has a lot going on. There are clubs for everything, and it is worth doing some at least to put on your CV (your supposed to be well rounded or something?). Nottingham offers a good mix of campus life, with all the general amenities available, and the town just a 15min bus ride away. From my experiences, the Uni is well organised, but do expect to que for a while in the first week for registration and medical stuff etc. Remember to visit Freshers fair as often as possible in the first week, and any club with a free membership go along to. There are so mant sports on offer, many which i had never heard of, so try them out. Also collect as many freebees as possible (drink, music, magazines etc), your a student now and so free is always good.
Halls of residence - I was in Broadgate, self catering which is good fun and prepares you for cooking etc in the second year. Hall food so i am told is not too bad but most miss out by not making breakfast or missing meals which you have already paid for. Choosing a hall is a bit of pot luck. If your lectures are on campus and not Jubilee, don't go for Newark or Raleigh park as they are a fair walk from campus. The rest of the halls are on the main campus and so it is possible to roll out of bed at 8.50 and still make your 9.00.

b) Law - Ok, not the easiest subject in the world. Word of warning, although the first year is fun, do the work as it will help you get summer placements at law firms in the second year if you have good grades from the first year. Remember to budget for books. Its about £150 for books for the year, and the same for the second year. There is a second hand book sale but many new editions come out.
The law dept has very good links with law firms etc, so if you want to be a lawyer after Uni, generally those with a 2:1 will always get a job. The law dept has a huge computer room sponsered by a law firm and all the events run by the very active Nottingham Law society are sponsered by law firms so you get to meet a lot of lawyers etc.
Try and do some work experience this summer if you can at small high street firms etc, as it is always useful to put on your CV.
At the end of the day, law is good, interesting and challenging but hard work. You will do more reading than is healthy, but that is true of any law school. The style of teaching is different, with about 8 - 10 lectures a week plus two tutorials, which are generally groups of 5-7 people.

Why go yo Nottingham Law? - It has the mix of good academic teaching, facilities and links with firms and the good atmosphere and nice surroundings. Worth a visit, and i would strongly recommend coming here. Have a look and see if you like it. Law is really interesting and makes you sound very clever but is not for the faint hearted, it is hard work and there are easier degrees out there (i will not name any for fear of being beaten by the respective students).

The University of Nottingham review

The University of Nottingham offers everything you could want from university life. The campus is amazing, but also located close to the city centre and the student private rented areas, so you don't get enclosed in too much of a bubble while living on campus in the first year. Its also got tons of greenery and areas to relax if the sun ever comes out! The halls vary in quality, all single rooms, but most have been updated in recent years. But the social life that you get from living in hall is awesome. You meet so many people, and the events put on all through the year mean that theres always something to do. There's also a bar in every hall, plus the SU bar on campus, plenty of places to get a drink.
The organisation of the university - courses, social activities, student services - is second to none. There are exams at Xmas and Summer, which spreads them out a bit and gives you a chance to recover if you don't exactly ace it at Xmas.
The mix of people is good, with a good number of international students, and lots of people who had gap years. As its so accessible (M1), you tend to get people from most areas of the country too.
I had the time of my life at Nottingham - its not too expensive, its a good uni, and the social life is brilliant. Plus, I didn't find it too hard to get a graduate job after uni, and quite a few of my friends were recruited onto the big graduate schemes.