The University of Birmingham reviews

The University of Birmingham review

Pros: Nearly everything.

Cons: Birmingham's a bit small.

The University of Birmingham review

The University setting is really nice. Located about 3-4 miles outside the City centre, with its own train station, it is just so easy to hop on the train and get into town, especially when that important item of clothing or CD is out and you can't be bothered with the lecture. The campus itself is also quite green and separate from the outside world, which is one of the reasons I picked it.

In terms of student involvement, the University has a Guild, which is really pro-active, having over 100 societies (I like the guild and am heavily involved in it). Beer prices are reasonable - pretty much the same as the local pubs in the area, since all watering holes are trying to get student punters in. Also the Guild holds Weekly club nights, which are a very good and cheap alternative to the city centre night life on a weekend, which is very expensive.

In terms of Student nights, Birmingham has gone to town. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the city has a whole array of Student nights, to encourage student punters, with many different varieties of music. Definitely worth a look in.

Halls of residence - in my opinion, a bit of a sticking point. There are now 2 halls of residence close to the University, one University owned, one privately. These take the form of 4-6 bedroom flats - Self Catering. These however are not cheap, but depending on which one you are in may include Heating and Electricity. Other halls of residence are about 1.5 miles from the university - a brisk walk. These are both catered for and self catering halls. The self catering halls seem to be of a higher quality than the catered for halls, which are 1960's - pretty manky buildings. Food in halls that are catered for is not too bad, good stodgy wholesome stuff!!

The only other thing worth mentioning in my mind is the sport at the University - Fantastic. We still get Wednesday afternoons off for sport, and the University is keen to encourage sporting activity. I think that if you are of the sporty persuasion, then you will not be found wanting here!

In Summary, I think that Birmingham University is a great academic establishment, with good student life, especially with the guild and the sports. The only sticking point is that the University halls, which I would suggest you are a little more selective for.......