The University of Hull reviews

The University of Hull review

Hull University Campus is situated about 5ish minute walk into town centre which is brilliant if you live on an on campus halls of residence in the first year as you don't need to get taxis after a heavy night out!!!!

Hull is one of the biggest Unis in the country I think there is about 20,000 students there at any one time so you will probably guess that there is a wide range of people and personalities there. Some you will think are a bit 'weird' but if you struggle to make friends there it would really surprise me!

The facilities are top notch, more computer clusters than you could shake a stick at and two massive main libraries with other exclusive departmental ones as well.

Another great thing about the uni is that once you're on campus for the day the biggest walk you will have to a lecture/seminar is about 10 minutes.

I am staying at Grant Hall in Hull this year. It's pretty good but the food tastes like my dog cooked it, wait a minute it tastes like my dog. There is the occasional decent meal but it keeps you alive I suppose. The good thing with the halls in Hull is that all 1st years are guaranteed a place in halls. I currently share a room which isn't as bad as you may think, I think its better than a single room because your room is generally bigger, I can see the drawback if you don't get on with your roommate but I haven’t had to think about that because we do get on really well.

As far as housing in the second year is concerned you shouldn't have any problem finding somewhere of good standard but don't expect the Ritz and don’t expect to be right on campus.

The course that I am doing (History) so far has been very challenging, it is also very interesting though, especially if you are interested in History.

All of the courses are split up into modules that have got an allotted number of credits. On my course the modules are taught over 120 credits and you have to pass 100 credits to get on to the 2nd year. You get 10 credit and 20 credit modules; the 10 credit modules are taught during 1 semester and the 20 credit modules across both semesters.

I am in Uni for 5-7 hours a week which sounds easy but the work is harder than you think and there is lots of reading to do too outside of lectures. You get some work to do over the holidays but you should also use the holidays for revision (which I didn't) or the exams will be a real chore.

As with most Uni's there are two exam periods each year, the first is straight after the Christmas break and the second is a couple of weeks into the final term (after the easter break)so don't expect an easy ride at Hull!

I enjoy some elements of the course but I have read some of the things that I will be doing next year and am looking forward to that a lot more!

Now, lets get to what Uni is all about, the social life!! OK its not what uni is all about but it is a big part of the life. I live in Newcastle which I read somewhere has the best night out in Britain but obviously the people who wrote that didn't bother to go to Hull, it's amazing! It doesn't matter what music you are into you will find somewhere really good that cateres for your musical tastes!

The union puts on a few good nights aswell but if you want a real good time head into town. you have got to be careful though, find out what deals are on where or might end up spending a fortune! But there is a student night somewhere every night so there shouldnt be much of a problem with money.

All in all Hull is a great place to go to uni but if you choose the wrong course you could end up hating it as you would with any uni.