The University of Kent reviews

interview day at kent

I applied for Theatre Studies at Kent because the course looked brilliant. Unfortuently when I arrived the university was more than dissapointing.
When they begun the day they tried to give us each our personal day information in an organised manner and then assigned us a guide. This was a good sign i thought but when were given our guide it turned quite bleak.
Our guide was a tiny wren of a girl who voice was tinny and quiet and her skills were not in guiding. No one thought to lamenate the tour points sheet even though it was raining and our guide insisted on talking outside, in the middle of a puddle.
The speech given about campus inside was impressive but that might have been beacuse it was warm and dry, lunch was good and we finally got to meet other drama students. our drama student guide was great, he was honest and funny and seemed to want us to enjoy our day.
The talk given by the head of department was atrocious. She seemed like she had been defending drama as an acadmeic subject for so long that she had forgotten entierly that drama is emotion, physical moevement, not just books and seminars. I'm afriad she totally through my father and me as she said those fateful lines : "you should all feel privilaged to get THIS far". -Kent should feel privileged that were thinking of going there and forking over several grand a year.
To be honest, i was lost in Kent, the disorganisation, the head of departements manner really made me wonder what i was doing there. I have most definitly seen better.

Computer science at Canterbury

UKC is a really good university for computer science. However, be prepared to be exposed to many bio-inspired courses during your study. That's something rather unusual for a CS course but something that I found challenging and extremely interesting. I'm glad I chose that subject because it really widened my understanding of the world and even of existence. Seriously! Be prepared to have your beliefs shaken a bit!

UKC itself is a cute campus, but I would not recommend it for international students. Winters are very harsh there, since it is most subject to direct cold winds than urban regions. There's nothing much apart from green around the Canterbury area. If you don't have a car. Busses are expensive(compared to london) and rare from town to uni. The walk to uni from town isaround 30-45 mins uphill(a very steep hill I remember having to walk up during drizle, rain and snow. Not fun having to stay at uni all day when your socks are wet). University accomodation is very scarce and you will probably only be allowed on campus accomodation during your first year. The SU clubs aren't bad at all but if you need some diversity there's very little choice in town (as I recall we only ever had one alternative which was a club next to the train station). You will find that canterbury lacks a lot of things that normal towns/cities have. They don't even have a KFC, bowling place (well they didn't while I was there)! The town is very small and you will find it hard/impossible to get a part-time job if you wanted to.