University of Leicester reviews

University of Leicester review

I am doing a masters in medical statistics at the University of Leicester. The main campus is near the centre of Leicester, next to a park and my department is bang in the middle. The people on my course are great, mostly girls which is good (makes a nice change from my last place - Imperial College) It is quite a multicultural university, there are a lot of Asian people, especially in my halls.

Don't know what the job prospects are like for the University as a whole, but mine are pretty good because my course is quite specialised and few universities do it. The facilities are quite good, a few libraries, plenty of computers and lots of places to eat. Could do with a few more shops on main campus, but it is not too far from plenty of other shops.

Some of the halls are a couple of miles away but there are plenty that are very close. I am in postgraduate halls. I wouldn't recomend them unless you like the quiet life. I am in a flat with mostly Phd students and it can get a bit boring. My halls are the most expensive at the moment, about £55 per week. Some new halls are due to open for the next year I think and these sound very good (en-suite and some apparently have a small lounge and a bedroom). Private accomodation is cheaper, most of my friends are paying between £35 and £50 per week, and this is half price during the holidays.

My course is quite heavy going, but I expected that being a masters course. We generally have to be in the department all day Tues-Thurs but we have Mon mornings and Fri afternoons off. We have a mixture of lectures and group work. Sometimes we have weeks with no lectures to do coursework and projects but these weeks are more stressful then lecture weeks. We have four exams during the course, all an hour each which is nice. Most of our marks towads the masters come from the coursework and a dissertation during the summer (not looking forward to that!)

If you like your cheesey music, funky house or garage then Leicester is great. There are a number of cheesy clubs which I hate but some of my friends love them. The union is good, a lot bigger than the one I went to at Imperial. They usually have good drinks offers and a variety of music. Leicester is pretty cheap. There are student nights on every night in the centre with plenty of cheap drinks eg 3 drinks for the price of one at a couple of places on a Tuesday.

I wasn't too impressed by the number of societies at Leicester, they have the usual sports ones but not a lot else (not that I really have time for any clubs) I enjoy being at Leicester but I would rather still be at Imperial, mainly because it is London and the clubs are better.