Aberystwyth reviews

Aberystwyth University Student Review

Aberystwyth University is the ideal uni for the country lads and laddettes! It's a nice small knit community where everyone knows one anoter or has at least seen one another. I looked at uni's in the city including Leicester, Oxford and Exeter and hated them all.

Uni facilities are very good. We have a nice astro turf, huge footy and rugby pitches and a cricket ground. We also have a nice gym which was recently fitted out, including a swimming pool.

Now onto the serious stuff! You ask what is there here that will really make me want to come? Well I'll tell you now! There's plenty!

For you unfortunate people who live inland there's a beach! (If you come from Cornwall, like myself, its slightly different to what we are used too!)
There's plenty of pubs! In fact there are now over 53 pubs and clubs, and for a small town with a population of less than 15000, that's a lot! I've been told it has the most pubs per sq mile in the UK!

So let me give you a quick week in the life of an Aberystwyth uni student!

Monday - Down to the town! Went to the Academy, awesome pub set in an old church. Cheap pints at 1.50 Sunday to Thursday and decent promos. Off to the Glen for a triple vodka and Smirnoff Ice for only 1.99!

Tuesday - Down to the town again! Off to the Varsity for the pound party, stayed till 1030. Arrived at Pier Pressure, its heaving! Finally got in, most drinks are a quid, and play cheesey music!

Wednesday - Whose is this girl next to me?! Tonight we are going to 'Reload' at the Union! For 5 decades of classic music! At only 2.50 entry.
Got here, drinks are cheap at 1 shot and 1.50 a pint, and there's so many fit chicks!

Thursday - Quietest night of the week! The midweek rest stop. Off to Cwrt Mawr bar for a few pints and some pool, then to Nosh Da (Goodnight in Welsh!) for some cheap grub.

Friday - Best night of the week! Pop to the local chippy before playing some serious pub golf down town on our pub crawl, visiting, Scholars, Cambrian, Lord Beechings, The Mill, The Black Lion, Varsity, Kanes, and finally Whetherspoons before heading up to the Union for 'Play', some 90s hits and fit women.

Saturday - Its 7.30, just recovered from last night, it was true carnage. Dai passed out still havent seen him, hope hes ok.
Down town for another pub crawl but ending up at the Glen, think ill take it easy tonight.

Sunday - Wish i had taken it easy! Nevermind its the life of a Uni student! Whey hey! Off to Cwrt Mawr quiz tonight to relieve some knowledge, that is if my brain is still functioning from this exessive alcohol consumption!

Thats a quick summary of a typical week, but after yout 2nd semester it goes downhill. As you get to skint!

I should point out that the accomodation is good. Penbryn is typical uni halls split into 5 blocks. I lived in TCE (Thomas Charles Edwards) for the first year. Now these are the worst, looking like tiny prison cells, but I'm sure we had the best atmosphere and laughs! The food here was also good and reasonable at 100 a year, but everyone stacked their plates! Rosser is posher and expensive but nice, and PJM (Petre Jane Morgan) is the student village, bit like a council estate with a bar! There are more uni owned accomodation but these are rubbish, so I need not mention them.
But I would advise living down town for your 2nd year, we did on South Road by the castle, right opposite the sea - it was wicked! It's just an awesome experience.

There's plenty here I've missed out but hope this gives you kids a glimpse of life at Aber.